The command has several options available, but here we use the ACL report and show tasks commands for our examples. The show server command is used to display information about the Domino server, including the server version, as shown in the first line of Figure 19.

Tell Commands The Tell command has several options, but we use the Tell amgr and Tell router commands for our examples here. Say amgr. Amgr is the Domino task responsible for running agents. This command displays the agents scheduled to run on the current day, as well as the database in which they are located.

Say the router. The task of the router is responsible for delivering mail to the databases located on the server, and for sending mail to other servers, if necessary. Quite often, it is necessary to check the queues of the router or update its configuration tables to make sure that it is working correctly. A function can work as an agent or as a service, depending on how it is configured. The example in the figure shows how to view information regarding when starting up as a service that passes through the router.

It is often necessary to stop a specific task or start another, either for testing, maintenance, performance problems, or in any other case.

You must plan for regular Domino server restarts to ensure better server performance and availability. Appropriate backup and recovery tests should also be planned to ensure that data is not only recorded, but can be restored correctly. There may be situations in which the only alternative left to recover from a specific event is to restore the backup, so if it does not exist or is performed incorrectly, this can lead to a catastrophic loss of information or financial loss. 

It is also often necessary to perform general or special maintenance of some databases on a server in order to fix database corruption, reduce database size, eliminate performance problems, etc. Here we will look at the most common database maintenance procedures that are usually performed by the Domino administrator, and Also requested by Lotus Technical Support.

NOTE. Before using the following procedures, you need to consider some considerations if some Domino features are enabled, such as transaction logging and / or DAOS. 6.1 Correction Correction usually starts as an attempt to fix corrupted views and documents in a database. It should be used when there is a suspicion that the database has a problem, but it is not recommended to run it periodically in the database as a precaution. It is also not recommended that you use the repair method for databases that include transaction logging. (For more information, see the ā€œ-jā€ switch in Product Help.)

Platform-independent ACL Dominator. Offline service. It is extremely important to perform maintenance (such as compression, repair, and updating) for mission-critical server databases. This should be done when the server is down; Serious damage can occur on the server if such operations are performed during its operation.

This scenario may also apply if the server does not start for some reason and some database maintenance is required. The Domino directory must have executable files with names. They can be executed through the command window with the same effect as through the load fixup, load compact, and load update commands on the server console.

 About database corruption. Database corruption is usually characterized by the fact that part or all of the database suffered from data loss, integrity problems, data inconsistency, limited functionality, or simply not readable. Damage to the database can be caused by factors such as power outages, hard disk crashes, network problems, crashes, software crashes, and user intervention.

Due to the nature of corruption itself and the many factors that can cause it, it is not possible to determine the cause of corruption if it is not reproducible. In many cases, it may be possible to restore the database from a damaged state using some or all of the maintenance tasks: fixup, compact, and updall, which are usually performed in this order. Unfortunately, however, sometimes this is simply not possible, so you may need to restore the copy from the backup (thus, the importance of the backup).